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Ultimate Long Distance Bike

Volagi Liscio means “smooth” in Italian


The Volagi Liscio is the most innovative road bike we have seen in a long time.  At First glance, the Liscio looks a lot like the carbon race bikes you see those lycra clad guys with shaved legs race around France every July on television.  Looks can be deceiving however.  Despite its race bike aesthetics, the Volagi Liscio has been designed from the ground up to suit the riding styles of 90% of the riders out there.


Race bikes are great...for racing.  Not so much for long distance or everyday riding. They are designed to put the rider in an aggressive (and for most of us uncomfortable) position.  They are also made to be stiff, so stiff in fact that every bump or imperfection in the road is communicated through the frame and straight to your hands and hindquarters.  Race bikes need to react quickly to steering input to navigate around sharp corners or that 10 bike pile up in front of you.  At first glance this seems like a desirable attribute, but there is a catch...Stability.  In order to get that quick steering, race bikes are less stable than they could be creating that infamous "twitchy" feeling.


The Volagi Liscio is great...for everything else (and it wouldn't seem out of place at the local race either).  The Liscio gives the rider the option to sit in a more comfortable position than a traditional road race bike.  The Liscio is as stiff laterally as the stiffest race bikes out there.  This allows every watt of power to get transferred to the road.  But because of the Volagi's unique "Longbow Flex" seat stays, rough pavement and bumps are barely noticeable.  The Volagi is also incredibly stable.  It effortlessly carves through corners regardless of speed without a hint of "twitchiness."  The Liscio's disc brakes provide stop on a dime braking power that works regardless of rim conditions or weather.  As an added bonus the lightweight disc brakes allow much wider tires, easier flat repair, and ample room for fenders.


The Volagi Liscio is available in 4 configurations:

Compete Bike with DURA-ACE componets - MSRP of $4,495.00
Compete Bike with Ultegra componets - MSRP of $3,595.00
Compete Bike with Rival componets - MSRP of $2,895.00
Frame Set - MSRP of $1,795.00


    Impressions of Volagi Lisco with Robert Choi